Mr Omran Abolghasemi
CEO and Chairman of the Board


We are now living in an era, in which the environmental pollution problem has received an ever-increasing attention of experts and authorities due to the rapid population increase, development of industries and limitations of natural resources, and has also been noticed by the public as a sensible issue.

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B.Sc. in Chemical engineering (Gas industries) from Sharif University of Technology


M.Sc. in Civil engineering (Environmental engineering) from Isfahan University of Technology, (Top student of the faculty)


M.Sc. in MBA from Tehran University


PhD in Environmental Engineering (water and wastewater)-ongoing thesis


About us

The capacity of the environment for accommodating changes is limited. Although the nature has the capability of opposing changes, it has been found out that the restoration speed of the nature (self-purification) is more than the devastations and as such, the devastation process of the environments is advancing irreversibly. However, development process and industrial and economical growth are not possible without changes in the environment.. The environmental specialists are not also pursuing an impossible task. But, it is also obvious that without observing the principles of sustainable development and protection of the environment, we should not expect a good future for the current and future generations. At present, the Islamic Republic of Iran has given particular attention to controlling the environmental pollutions in the sustainable industrial development process because the industrial pollutions such as solids, liquids and gases must be controlled according to the national rules and regulations.

Compliance with these rules and regulations is necessary for all industries. The industrial pollutions put an additional pressure on ecosystems i.e. environmental varieties. Therefore, without adopting prompt measures to reverse this process, we will have a biologically poor world for our future generations.Considering the fact that our country is at the beginning of the development path to resolve the environmental and Industrial problems, Iran should make serious endeavors for achieving fundamental solutions. Recently, we have witnessed that controlling of output pollutions from industries are not sufficient and effective for achieving the objective of having a healthy environment. Hence, new solutions have been considered besides the existing situation. Also, Pursuant to Articles 104 and 134 of the third economical, social and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all costs incurred in relation to these items will be considered as acceptable costs of units. Anyway, fines are also used as an alternative measure in addition to the current solution for pollution control in the country. Therefore, considering the increasing environmental fines and the ethical responsibility of managers and personnel of industries for protection of the environment of this country, it is necessary to take serious measures to comply with the environmental requirements and standards. It is hoped that with the aid of the God almighty, we will witness a clean environment which belongs to our next generation.