Air pollution

Air health is an important environmental issue. Air pollution is not limited to an area in this world, because the atmosphere (troposphere) is mixing so rapidly that the pollutions are easily transferred. Global warming, destruction of ozone layer, acid rain, severe climatic conditions and many other problems are caused by entry of pollutants into the atmosphere, which threatens the life of creatures. And HC matters and main Sox, NOx and CO pollutants including: suspended matters and radioactive gases.

In the recent decades, due to the recognition of the adverse effects and aspects of air pollution on human, structures and equipments; deeper understanding of the matter has been provided, which has resulted in more attention of the industrial and production sector to this problem.

  • Quantitative and qualitative studies regarding the situation of atmospheric and industrial pollutants and providing its reduction strategies.
  • Diffusion modeling of atmospheric pollutants and non-point sources
  • Carrying out projects related to atmospheric pollutants management and providing engineering solutions
  • Design, procurement, construction and commissioning of air pollution control systems such as: Types of cycloones, scrubbers, filter bag, etc.
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurement of gases and particles of channel or chimney
  • Measurement of gases and particulate matter