Environmental assessment of companies and ongoing projects

In the process of garlic rainfed environmental management as a broad and dynamic system for exposure to pollution and environmental degradation, preventive approaches are considered. In this regard, from the end of the decade 1960, the assessment of environmental impacts as an active role in identifying and predicting the effects of a project on human welfare and Health and its physical biogeoenvironment to investigate and disseminate the information of these impacts and its legal implementation is a special place in different countries.
According to the disruptive and sometimes nonirreparable effects and many of the projects, environmental assessment has been a legal position as a powerful tool for achieving sustainable development since 1994 in Iran.

  • Preparation of environmental impact assessment reports (EIA)
  • Preparation of EMP reports
  • Conducting strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of national, regional and thematic development schemes based on executive Regulations article 184 of the FifthIranian Development Act of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • تهيهHSE Guideline/HSE Manual Companies
  • Updating and monitoring of commitments stipulated in EIA reports (during construction or operation)
  • Following all stages of investigation and approval of evaluation reports by qualified authorities to obtain confirmation
  • Environmental audit assessment of units being operated
  • Performing risk assessment in plans and companies being operated