Industrial projects

This company has the technical knowledge and capabilities, facilities, machinery and necessary specialties for EPCC supervision and carrying out all design, procurement, construction and commissioning phases of all industrial projects as below:

  • Proper and detailed engineering of process, civil, mechanical and piping, electrical and instrument sections of all industrial projects and plans (particularly oil, gas and petrochemical industries)
  • Design, procurement and construction of all industrial building and structures
  • Design, procurement and installation of fixed and rotary machinery and equipments
  • Design, procurement, construction and installation of various atmospheric and pressurized tanks
  • Design, procurement, execution and installation of industrial ventilation systems
  • Design, procurement, construction and installation of various heat-exchangers
  • Design, procurement, implementation and installation of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems
  • Design, procurement and implementation of piping
  • Design, procurement and execution of electrical works and instruments
  • Maintenance of fixed and rotary equipments, electrical installations and equipments, and instruments such as pneumatic and electronic in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and etc
  • Rendering supervision services at the site or as MC for industrial projects