Planning and project control

Planning and control are fundamental elements of project control, thus, weakness in them will result in failure of projects. Time, cost and quality are the most fundamental elements which receive most attention in project planning and control.

All projects require a planning system in order to achieve their goals and objectives.No better tool than a planning system may be used to satisfy the requirements of linking the plans and processed data. In general, we should say that one of the best methods of project control is to show the project performance using a planning system. Throughout the project, we should evaluate the tasks and compare the actual project performance with the predicted schedule. Set up of a suitable regular and periodic collection, processing and reporting system of the project performance is essential at the control phase.

  • Determining the project scope of works and recognition of activities using WBS
  • Submission of the project schedule at various levels
  • Submission of the project schedule along with CPM network
  • Set up of a suitable data circulation system and regular distribution of project schedules among various parties of the project
  • Establishment of suitable and effective relation between the project implementation teams, and suppliers of goods
  • Ensuring high-quality performance of projects and evaluation of the procedures of activities with regard to the project standards
  • Determining the weight of activities and submission of the progress reports (in terms of the importance, Rial, man-hour and quantity of works)
  • Submission of daily, weekly and monthly reports of the latest physical and financial status of projects
  • Assessment of the project performance through scheduling and determining deviation from the schedule, and providing necessary recommendations via analysis of deviations and delays of projects