Solid waste management

The population growth has given rise to a variety of requirements of human societies along with an increase in production of wastes. Some of these waste materials are very hazardous, and may have detrimental health and environmental effects even in small quantities.

In our country, management of waste matters in urban places and various industries is an essential issue, and thus, proper disposal of waste matters has turned into a challenge for managers and owners of industries.

  • Performing all process studies and proposing solutions for decreasing the production of waste matters from the sources.
  • Carrying out comprehensive studies in relation with physic-chemical evaluation<br /> of various urban and industrial waste matters and proposing solutions along with relevant instructions for: separation, keeping and storage at the source, collection and transportation method to the disposal site, proper disposal method (re-use, sales, burning, burial, storage and etc.), and hygienic burial in landfill
  • Carrying out all feasibility studies, environmental assessment, finding the suitable site, design and execution of landfills
  • Guidance and operation of landfills for waste matters
  • Project management and supervision on all stages of soil waste management system
  • Technical-environmental inspection of all stages of waste management from production stage to its final disposal
  • Cooperation and consultation on sales and/or annihilation of industrial waste
  • Conducting operations related to industrial and non industrial municipalities in industries