Technical consultancy in relation with legal side of environmental problems of organizations

Fortunately, numerous laws and codes have been enforced in our country in the recent decades in order to prevent from pollution and devastation of the environment. Pursuant to Articles 104 and 134 of the third economical, social and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all production and industrial units must consider their environmental issues as one of their economical issues.

Although the environmental costs will be construed as acceptable tax costs, various units will be fined based on the incurred losses in case of not taking necessary measures. Therefore, given that an environmental specialist may not be considered in the organizational chart of many small and big industries, these industries may utilize the technical consultancy services of environmental companies for resolving the legal problems relating to the environment.

  • Field studies and preparation of technical and managerial reports to improve the quality of industrial environment
  • Providing technical and legal advice to reduce or leave the list of pollutants industries EPA
  • Providing consultancy to the owners of industries regarding the environmental legal cases and participation in the relevant meetings.
  • Technical and engineering study regarding environmental crimes imposed by the EPA and providing required reports