Water and wastewater

Nowadays, serious health and environmental problems have arisen due to. Pursuant to Article 104 the third economical, social and cultural development of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all production units must take necessary measures to reduce the environmental pollutants, particularly for natural and water resources of the country in order to comply with the environmental regulations of reduce pollution. It should be noted that all costs incurred in relation to these items will be considered as acceptable costs of units. However, if these units are refusing to take these measures, resulting in pollution and destruction of the environment due to their activities, they will be fined with regard to the incurred losses, which will be paid to the public income account.

  • Feasibility study, detailed design, procurement and execution of pre-treatment, treatment systems of water and wastewater (urban and industrial)
  • Feasibility study, preliminary and detailed design, procurement and execution of water treatment networks and also collection of wastewater and storm water
  • Design, procurement, construction and implementation of various types of septic and imhoff tank with various materials
  • Dredging, wash-out and monitoring of wastewater networks and chemical transmission lines
  • Guidance and operation of water and wastewater treatment plants (urban and industrial)
  • Undertaking comprehensive studies on the feasibility of reusing water in industries
  • Preparation of executive methods and instructions for sampling, management of treatment plants and etc.
  • Project management and supervision on all design and execution stags of water and wastewater plans
  • Provision of consultancy and initial solutions for solving water and wastewater pollution problems
  • Controlling and resolving the existing problems of water and wastewater treatment plant